Re-Creating popular Games for the Gameboy

This section is for re-creating popular games. In my How to make a Gameboy Game tutorial series, the basics of using GBDK 2020 are taught. This page will list tutorials for creating actual games. Be sure to check out some of my General Computer Concepts. They’ll help you better understand the tutorials.

I want to assemble a page for Modern Gameboy Games eventually. Check back in over time. Feel free to reach out to mailto:[email protected] if you are working on any gameboy projects.

Space Invaders Tutorial for Gameboy

How to make space invaders for gameboy.
Space Invaders is a classic video game. It’s simple, but fun mechanics have entertained many generations on virtually every gaming platform. In this tutorial, we’ll remake the black and white Gameboy version of space invaders. This tutorial utilizes The C programming language and GBDK 2020. If you are not familiar with GBDK-2020, check out my other...

How to make Flappy Bird for the Nintendo Gameboy

How to make flappy bird for gameboy.
Flappy Bird was a popular hyper casual mobile game released in 2013 by Vietnamese video game artist and programmer Dong Nguyen. Flappy Bird is a simple side-scrolling game where the player controls a yellow bird. The objective is to fly as far as possible. During such, random set’s of green pipes will attempt to obstruct...

How to make Pacman for Gameboy

How to make Pacman for Gameboy
In this tutorial you will learn How to make Pacman. It will be based around a “starter repository“, which will have all files, variables, and method declarations already created for you. If you want to see the completed version, the source code is also on github here: This tutorial may look very large, but...

Brick Breaker Tutorial for Gameboy

Brick Breaker Tutorial for Gameboy
Brick Breaker is a classic arcade game, and excellent beginner project. This break breaker tutorial is part of my Re-Creating popular Games for the Gameboy tutorial series. In this tutorial, you’ll use the 2020 Gameboy Development Kit (GBDK 2020) and the C Programming language to recreate the classic Bricker Breaker Game: Alleyway. If you are...

How to make Tetris for the Nintendo Gameboy

How to make tetris for gameboy
Tetris is an iconic puzzle game. Players must position and rotate “tetrominos” to avoid overfilling the playing area. This is going to be a sub-tutorial for the How to make a Gameboy Game in 2021 series. A lot of it’s content will build upon that original series. The topics covered in that series are generic....

Coming Soon..

Re-creating popular games takes a bunch of time. Here are some projects i have on my TODO list. Some i’ve got near complete. Others maybe are half-way done. A couple have a long way to go. Stay tuned for updates.